Wood Carving Calligraphy Mosque

Calligraphy for Teak Carving Mosque

In addition to working on mosque calligraphy painting services for walls and domes, we also received work on mosque calligraphy designs by working on carvings on teak wood. The look of this carving will look very beautiful and luxurious applied to the mosque. Carving styles can look very classic and look magnificent. Made by highly trained and experienced calligraphy craftsmen.

Professional Design Using Computers

We design the design of this teak wood calligraphy to adjust the shape and design of the interior of the mosque. Our designs are made using computers by our calligraphy experts, so the precision of each carving detail will be neat.

High Quality Teak Wood

The calligraphy engraving design was applied to quality A teak wood. The design design in it was collaborated between Javanese classical carving art (majapahit carving motifs) and classical Arabic calligraphy style which refers to the rules of classical Arabic calligraphy (Khat al-Sittah).

The Combination Of Beautiful Calligraphy Carving And Painting

In addition to working on wood carving designs, calligraphy is also done in mosques with murral wall painting as a complement and balancing display of the interior of the mosque. Applied to the walls of the mosque’s dome. The results are very beautiful and harmonious with the refinement of the interior by calligraphy paintings on the walls and domes of the mosque. Making mosques is very unique and different from other mosques because each design order will be made according to the character of the mosque and mutual agreement with the expert team and the Mosque Prosperity Council.

Examples of Application of Carving and Painting

An example of this design was carried out in 2009, located at Nurul Fajri Mosque in Tamansari, Wuluhan, Jember Regency, East Java. The work of a series of calligraphy carvings and calligraphy paintings was completed in two months. The duration of the project will vary depending on the design of each calligraphy order.


The Process of Making Teak Calligraphy Carving

Below this is the process of making calligraphy carvings on high-quality teak wood. Made by carving artists who are experienced experts with neat and good results. Can be applied to walls, doors, frames, pulpits, etc. We are ready to help realize every expected design according to your wishes and agreement with the Mosque Management Board throughout Indonesia.

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