Cloud Motif Painting Service

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Work on Ceiling or Dome Painting Services with Cloud Motives

Cloud painting on the ceiling of houses, buildings, hotels, etc. As well as the Dome of the Mosque is the art of painting to decorate the ceiling roof or dome so that it is more beautiful and attractive. Images that are applied can be in the form of ornaments, carvings, natural such as flowers and twigs and leaves and also in the form of sky clouds. Cloud painting will make the building look like in the open, where the roof seems to open directly towards the sky. This brings a pleasant and more beautiful feel. Ceiling painting on the ceiling will be more durable than wall wallpaper, wall stickers, or banners. With painted, the resulting image will be more artistic having high artistic value and giving a magnificent and proud impression ..

Making a painting or painting a cloud image can be applied on various walls and ceilings. Both in the ceiling of the room, the ceiling of the living room of the house, the ceiling of the school and office buildings, murals of tourist attractions, restaurants and cafes, in the mall and playground murals, or of course the Dome of the Mosque. Many ceiling paintings have become a necessity for homes and buildings to decorate their walls to make them look more luxurious.

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Application of mosques, houses and other buildings

Making paintings on the roof of this building in addition to building mosques with a combination of ornaments and calligraphy, of course also for private residences and business premises with a combination of murals. Cloud paintings of mosque domes and other buildings can give the impression of peace and calm. Making alternative cloud paintings decorate the roof and dome looks beautiful besides ornament design, etc.

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Cloud Motif Design

The appearance of the design of this cloud motif can vary, depending on the nuances you want to get. For example dusk nuances, bright shades, cloudy shades, morning shades, etc. The ceiling or ceiling and dome are the upper interior surfaces associated with the upper part of a room. By adding paintings whether it is cloud motifs, ornaments, etc., it will make the ceiling look magnificent, such as the color of the sky with bright blue themes and decorated with beautiful clouds.

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jasa lukis kubah masjid motif awan

Painting Of Cloud Motifs Besides Beautiful And Luxurious Also Add A Feeling Of Cool And Natural Atmosphere. With cloud motif paintings can make your room feel more different and beautiful. Cloud painting in public buildings and rooms in homes or rooms will enhance the appearance of the room and create a sense of peace and comfort.

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