Jamik Baitul Mukmin Mosque Calligraphy, Gumelar, Balung Jember, East Java

jasa lukis kaligrafi masjid jamik baitul mukmin gumelar balung jember jawa timur

MIM Artwork Working on Calligraphy of the Village Mosque Gumelar, Balung, Jember, East Java Complete with Marble Motif Painting

Our MIM Artwork Team is working on the construction of the Baitik Mukmin Mosque in the Gumelar Village of Gumelar, Balung District, Jember, East Java. The mosque is designed with a unique and beautiful architectural design. With shades of dominant painting green, the colors are elegant and soothing. The execution of calligraphy writing projects by making design drawings adapts the theme and color shades of the mosque, as well as of course with the right precision and calculation we made the design Ornamentation of calligraphy decorations that have magnificent character.

In addition to applying the technique of writing calligraphy and ornamental painting, this mosque also complements the painting of Wash Technique or can be referred to as Marble Motif Painting on the pillars of the Mosque. The painting of the marble motif certainly adds to the grandeur and artistic appearance of the mosque. Giving a very high value for the privilege of the beloved Mosque of Gumelar Village Community.

masjid jamik baitul mukmin gumelar kaligrafi

Maintain and prosper the mosque

A mosque is a house of Allah that needs to be guarded, taken care of, prospered and also a sacred place of worship, a place to worship, devote itself to Allah SWT. Building a mosque with a room capacity that can fulfill the number of jema’ah, then making the presentation of the mosque a reality and making the mosque which is full of resonance with syi’ar islam. Mosque of worship which must be maintained forever and preserved both from the aspect of riayah, ‘idarah and imaroh.

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jasa kaligrafi masjid jamik baitul mukmin gumelar balung jember

The Main Purpose and Benefits of Building a Mosque

Of course in addition to being a means of worship Muslims also have a purpose as a means of Islamic study center according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Educating the younger generation of successors to the struggle for Islamic enforcement by making mosques for the means of the Qur’an’s educational site.

Benefits of Building Mosques As a facility to perform congregational prayers from residents around the mosque. Can improve understanding of Islam which is Rohmatan lil a’lamiin according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Increasing good human resources in a safe and comfortable environment by conducting regular guidance on the younger generation who are successors to Islam.

jasa kaligrafi masjid jamik baitul mukmin gumelar balung jember jawa timur

MIM Artwork Creates Conceptual Calligraphy Design Adjusting the Design of Mosque Architecture

Every project and work that we handle always starts with designing the design of decorative ornaments and calligraphy that will be applied to the mosque being built. The making of this calligraphy design uses high-precision meticulous techniques every inch of the architectural details of the building of the mosque. Besides designing manually, we also made calligraphy design designs using high-tech computer techniques.

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The use of this computer is only used to help when making a design. But the process of course relies on writing and painting skills and carving from the calligraphy expert from our team. So that the authenticity and purity of beautiful and exclusive Islamic calligraphy art will be maintained. And with the work of manual calligraphy art, it will be the pride of the community of the mosque.

The MIM Artwork team is ready to help realize the work on the mosque construction project in accordance with the character of each mosque that is different and unique. Please contact our contact number on this Website to consult and cooperate with the MIM Artwork Mosque calligraphy development team.

jasa lukis kaligrafi masjid jamik baitul mukmin gumelar balung jember jawa timur

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