Calligraphy of Baitur Rahman Balung Lor Jember East Java Mosque

kaligrafi masjid baitur rahman balung jember jasa lukis

Work on the Construction of Calligraphy at the Baitur Rahman Mosque in Balung Lor Village

The MIM Artwork team is working on the mosque calligraphy development project in Balung Jember, East Java. Writing projects and calligraphy paintings and beautiful high-quality ornaments. Making the proud mosque of Balung Lor village more majestic. Balung is a sub-district in Jember Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia. The majority of Balung residents are Muslim. The main mosque in Balung is the Jami ‘Darul Muttaqin Mosque which is located on Jl. Rambipuji. While the project we are working on is the Baitur Rahman Mosque in Balung Lor Anyar Reef.

Balung Lor Located in the south of Jember Regency, about 24 km from the district capital, Balung District is crossed by a highway that connects Jember Regency to Lumajang Regency. The capital is in Balung Lor. Balung Subdistrict (especially in Gumelar, Balung Lor, and Balung Kulon) is passed by the Bedadung River, a large river in Jember Regency, which leads to the estuary at Puger Beach, Puger District, south of Balung. This Bedadung River divides Balung Lor village into two, namely the western and eastern parts.

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kaligrafi masjid karang anyar, balung, jember

Increase the beauty and facilities and infrastructure of the mosque

The work of decorating calligraphy This mosque completes the renovation and the construction of the mosque becomes more magnificent. Building facilities for beautiful and comfortable religious religious activities. Build a basic building to accommodate worship activities and foster Muslims and increase religious awareness. Establishing a mosque building is more comfortable, harmonious, balanced and in harmony with Islam, so that it can lead to spiritual passion and can foster self-awareness as a servant of Allah SWT.

kaligrafi masjid karang anyar, balung, jember

Mosques become places of worship, learning and community in accordance with Islamic guidance

Every mosque construction aims to realize the life of a religious community with akhlakul karimah in accordance with the demands of the Islamic Shari’a. A place of worship that is a representative for Muslims and the surrounding community. A place of worship that is multifunctional, which is in addition to being a place to perform prayer services, it can also serve as a place to carry out social religious activities, discuss various issues of the people. And of course it is a place to study the Alquran Education Park, as well as various other religious activities. Religious activities as a form of practicing Islamic Shari’a will be more comfortable and increase speciality in performing worship.

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kaligrafi masjid baitur rahman balung jember jasa lukis

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