Mosque Calligraphy

Beautify the Mosque with Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a very well-known art of writing in Islam. Art that has been developed for centuries by Muslim scholars. Writing calligraphy complements every joint spread of Islam, especially by beautifying the mosque with calligraphy. The mosque is a noble place for Muslims. At the house of God (baitullah), Muslims worship. The mosque also functions as a place of education. A number of recitations, learning to read the Koran and the knowledge of religion, were held at the mosque.

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Motivation on Calligraphy

As a place of worship, of course the mosque must be clean and holy. This is to protect the atmosphere of worship. Decorate the mosque with calligraphy in the form of scriptures on the walls and windows of mosques, etc. Using certain media such as wood, glass, or painting on the walls of mosques. The scholars stated that this was permissible. Even if writing verses with the aim of motivating the congregation to be more diligent in worshiping, or for the mosque to be beautiful, the law is very permissible.

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Capturing the Qur’an

In the past, calligraphy, both containing verses and hadith, was one form of capturing the recitation of the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. This kind of practice was carried out by the companions of the Prophet SAW, namely when writing the verses of the Koran, as stated in the hadiths of the history of Bukhari and Muslim. Having told us Hafsh bin Umar, told us Hammam, told us Qatadah, (he) said, “I have asked Anas bin Malik RA, who was the one who collected the Qur’an during the time of the Prophet?” Anas replied, “There were four people in total from the Anshor, namely Ubai bin Ka’ab, Muaz bin Jabal, Zaid bin Tsabit and Abu Zaid.”

The above hadith indicates that Qur’anic writing can be done. At that time, the media used were animal skins that had been tanned and halal animal bones were eaten. Even so, mosque administrators must pay attention to the halal aspects of calligraphy, for example using halal paint and brushes. This is because what is written on the walls of the mosque is a sentence containing Allah’s asthma.

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