Mosque Calligraphy Prices

Cost of Calligraphy Mosque Painting Services

The following is an estimate of the reference price for services for painting ornaments and writing calligraphy for mosques. The cost for calligraphy making services for mosque walls can start at IDR 350,000 / meter elongated run (with a maximum writing width of 60 cm). If the image width exceeds 60 cm, the cost of painting calligraphy is calculated at Rp. 500,000 / square meter. The price we provide includes the cost of writing and painting, raw materials for painting paint, transportation, etc. for the team. Except for the procurement of stegger, scaffolding, stairs, construction, as well as lighting which is the responsibility of the mosque / mosque, beyond the cost of contracting the calligraphy painting project.

The cost explanation above is an estimation or price benchmark, for certainty the work price will be determined adjusting the certainty of the level of difficulty of the design and size of the mosque that can be determined at the time of the location survey and the exact area to be worked on is measured.

kaligrafi masjid darul falah sebanen jombang jember jatim

The Best Calligraphy Pain Team

We are a team of experts in the work of making calligraphy mosques, prayer rooms, offices, homes, etc. By creating computerized calligraphy and ornament designs so that the right details and sizes will be created perfectly. Painting using the best high-quality acrylic wall paint and can be reinforced lacquer so that the color remains durable and resistant to weather changes.

jasa pembuatan kaligrafi untuk masjid

The price of the services of painting and decorating calligraphy on the mosque used also adjusts the complexity of the design. The type of image design khat and ornament design really determine the process in the process and certainly the level of complexity when working on it is very influential. The more complicated and detailed the shape of each ornament, the more time the project will take place. Therefore prices can be seen from the level of design design difficulties.

kaligrafi masjid ukiran kayu jati

The survey is of course very much needed in the process of designing mosque decoration designs as well as certainly providing certainty of the costs needed in carrying out future project plans. We are ready to help survey the location of building mosques to facilitate calligraphy projects. (The cost of the survey will be charged to the mosque depending on where the mosque’s calligraphy project is located).

For more detailed information and consultations, please contact us via the contact listed on this website.