Mosque Calligraphy Painting Service


Calligraphy Increases the Love of Mosques

Mim Artwork presents beautiful and majestic calligraphy paintings on the walls and domes of the mosque. Creating the best ornamental character design and calligraphy writing, exclusively designed differently for each mosque to adjust the architectural character of each mosque. Specially designed for each mosque that we work on. Exclusive design adapts the characteristics of each mosque. Thus the beauty and characteristics of each mosque will emanate.

Painting of mosque calligraphy will not reduce the devotion of worshipers in the mosque. But precisely the calligraphy on the walls of the mosque will make the mosque become more beautiful and magnificent and more enjoyable to look at and provide energy to encourage and longing to worship in the mosque.


Mosque Expert and Reliable Calligraphy Writer

Mim Artwork is a professional in the field of writing or painting calligraphy and wall and dome ornaments on mosques, even complete with work on cloud motifs on domes and marble motifs on the walls and pillars of mosques. And we dare to provide more guarantees in each of our works, because workmanship using high-quality wall paint with the Mowilex brand is enhanced by basic painting and finishing if needed to strengthen the durability of the painting for years.

Mim Artwork is an expert in the field of calligraphy who has years of experience handling more than 100 calligraphy projects at home and abroad. Our team also excelled in the field of calligraphy at the National and Asian level. So that it will better guarantee the quality of calligraphy that we write with the mastery of good and correct calligraphy rules. Supported by artists who are responsible for the perfection of every job. Does not work carelessly, but works optimally to produce the best calligraphy paintings.


Pure and Airbrush Painting Technique

The work of mosque calligraphy uses techniques to paint directly on the surface of the mosque walls and mosque domes, make. Maintaining the authenticity of art in every work that we do, working carefully and not in a hurry. Ensure every writing scratch and perfect ornament. Using the well-known acrylic emultion paint of the Mowilex brand, the quality is very good and painted by our team of artists manually not using prints that reduce the authenticity of artistic value in each of his works.

Also we apply airbrush techniques to certain motifs such as cloud motifs on mosque domes. High technique that few artists can do. It also complements the technique of making marble stone motifs with a variety of models and styles as well as different types of stone appearance, looks natural like the original marble stone.

The written works contain verses from the Koran and Al Hadith according to the agreement and request of the manager of the mosque. and also the type of writing khot can choose, such as Khot Naskhi, Tsulusi, Riq’ah, Pharisees, Diwani, Diwani Jali or Kufi. We are ready to assist you in designing designs by adjusting to the architectural style of mosque buildings. Making design designs using professional computer techniques also painting manually.


Cost of Calligraphy Mosque Painting Services

The following is an estimate of the reference price for services for painting ornaments and writing calligraphy for mosques. The cost for calligraphy making services for mosque walls can start at IDR 350,000 / meter elongated run (with a maximum writing width of 60 cm). If the image width exceeds 60 cm, the cost of painting calligraphy is calculated at Rp. 500,000 / square meter. The price we provide includes the cost of writing and painting, raw materials for painting paint, transportation, etc. for the team. Except for the procurement of stegger, scaffolding, stairs, construction, as well as lighting which is the responsibility of the mosque / mosque, beyond the cost of contracting the calligraphy painting project.

The cost explanation above is an estimation or price benchmark, for certainty the work price will be determined adjusting the certainty of the level of difficulty of the design and size of the mosque that can be determined at the time of the location survey and the exact area to be worked on is measured.


This is our explanation of the services of writing and painting calligraphy at mosques and prayer rooms. Hopefully it can be a reference for mosque administrators. And can be a consideration to be able to work with us calligraphy expert team from Mim Artwork. For more detailed information, please contact us at the telephone number listed on this website. We are ready to help create beautiful and magnificent mosque calligraphy artwork at mosques throughout Indonesia. Some projects that have been done can be seen in several articles on this website.