The Stages of Learning Arabic Calligraphy Art Deco

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Khat Art Method

The teaching of the art of khat is a system that must exist in cultivating the interest and talent of students to produce beautiful calligraphy. Calligraphy contains high-end art, possesses deep philosophy, favors creativity, possesses diverse patterns, using various methods. While its inflection can expand the skill of writing the letters and verses of the Qur’an well.

Learn Islamic Calligraphy Art

The Qur’an as a source of artistic creation in Islamic civilization. It is a process of development of various types of art especially Islamic calligraphy art. But the process is through a long time of being enhanced and further enhanced by influential figures in their respective periods and periods. Calligraphic art evolved from time to time, which was initially not so well-known that it became one of the artworks that many loved.

Calligraphy is a result of writing using a variety of methods, types, styles and patterns by producing a series of letters, sentences and sentences written systematically, beautifully and perfectly. The very influential figure in lifting Islamic calligraphy art is Ibn Muqlah. His discoveries in various art forms are still known today, and it is enhanced by Ibn al-Bawwab, which appears to be his perfection and is even the main idea in the further development of the method through Yaqut al-Musta`syimi who is very impressive.

The development of these main characters is better known as Sittah (six), Thulus, Nasakh, Muhaqqaq, Rayhani, Riq’ah and Tawqi ‘. And the form of this khat art is also better known as al-Aqlam al-Sittah (six original writings).


The method of teaching calligraphy follows the steps beginning from the introduction of the hijaiyah letters one by one, as follows:

Method of Writing the Character

For the khat writing method, the khat learning method should be started by using the lettering system, so that the basis of the writing method can be mastered perfectly. When writing the lettering must also use the correct writing equipment such as rasam (a kind of pakis fern) or commonly called khandam that has been cut 1/3 cm by using black ink. Hijai letters need to be written sequentially and need to be written separately first.

With the writing system one by one starts with the letter alif to the letter yes. Or more clearly the writing system of this method can be by way of writing the letters one by one with the help of ketupat or using the dots as the way of writing letters alif, ba, ta, tea, jim, ha, kha, dal and zal letters, and so on.

Advanced Letter Writing Method

The writing method of nasakh khat is also taught by using the letter writing system, the teaching process must be good to be effective against pupils or students when taught to connect letters one by one. This is to ensure that their instructor’s achievements are better and more perfect, besides being able to master the practical connectivity of the letters in a continuous manner. As for how to teach this method for a student who wants the teaching process to run smoothly, it is necessary to take into account the length of teaching that is intended as it is necessary to begin by writing letters that are already connected with other letters.

Furthermore, in order for the basic mastery of the writing method to be better, then before writing long sentences in writing these connecting letters in which the student must first have mastered the basic rules of nasakh khalq which is the letter of the letter. Continued letters that need to be written on a continuous basis, with a careful writing system that must be written one by one to keep from letter to letter.

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kelas menulis kaligrafi

Methods of Writing a Letter with Paragraph

In addition to the above method, writing nasakh khat also need to be taught using the way of writing letters with sentences, the teaching process must make pupils or students when taught to connect letters one by one until the sentences are connected to each other. This process is of course the teacher aims to bring his students to the writing that is better and perfect, besides mastering the exercises and practicing writing the complete nasakh khatakh.

To teach this way for a teacher who wants his teaching process to go well and effective, it is important to take into account the length of time his teaching is needed because of long and continuous writing of correction letters is needed so as to be paraphrased, so that the mastery of the writing method can be more organized and more perfect before writing longer sentences. The writing of the letters continues to be a sentence that needs to be trained continuously from day to day, as well as its writing system is encouraged to be trained on one by one in connecting short passages to long sentences. Or more precisely this writing system is written in a continuous way by combining the letters one by one so as a combination of sentences, either written in full or non-socially.

Method of Writing Continuing Sentence

In addition to the methods described previously, writing nasakh khat is also taught using the way the writing sentences are connected, the process of teaching this way must make the students more active and creative in connecting sentences continuously until the verses are getting longer and widening. This method is also of course the instructor aims to encourage his students to have their writers conform to the method and more beautifully, in addition to mastering the practice and always follow the guidelines of the complete method. To teach this way for a teacher must be clever to choose the verses if they want the teaching process to run smoothly and effectively, as well as to take into account the length of time used in the teaching, because it takes a long time when writing a sentence to connect to a sentence- long sentences.

The mastery of the nasakh writing method should be better, before writing long sentences so that the result of the writing will also be better then need to master the method well. The verses are interconnected into meaningful sentences, these need to be trained continuously in writing continuously over time, with the writing system of nasakh khayal written separately and then connects in the form of verses both short sentences and long sentences.

Method of Writing Sentence with Sentence

Another method of writing nasakh khat also needs to be taught by using the sentence system of contiguous sentences to become a sentence. The process of teaching this way must make the students more creative and innovative in connecting the sentences continuously until they become long-lasting sentences. This process is also of course the instructor aims to further enrich his students in producing a better and more beautiful khat, as well as to master the practice of general rules without comprehensively. As for teaching this way, for a teacher, it is wise to choose the sentences so that the sentence with the teaching process should be more thorough and should take into account the length of teaching time to be sufficient in practice. In addition, it should begin by writing a sentence to make it a conditional sentence.

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The mastery of the writing method can be more structured and more complete in mastering it before writing verses of the Qur’an completely and thoroughly. Conversational sentences that are long sentences should be trained and maintained by day-to-day training for all students, using the method of writing nasakh khut according to the correct method so as to create a series of short sentences as well as long sentences that have the writing system beautiful and attractive. In addition, it is hoped that they are capable of writing meaningful sentences at all times. It is hoped that students can also write by combining paragraph sentences both short sentences and long sentences so that they become meaningful sentences and complete or unwholesome.

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Methods of Writing Farewell Words

How to apply this latter method in applying the nasakh khat writing theory which also needs to be taught by constructing the written sentences of concatenation so that they can be linked to sentences in long sentences thus forming the Qur’anic mushaf. The process of teaching this method should familiarize the students to be more creative in conjunction with the percussion sentence continuously until it becomes an extension of the long sentences that are very interesting and accurate. This final process, of course, is aimed at teachers who want to further improve their students in writing, so that the resulting writings will be better than before, as well as to master the complete and comprehensive way of practicing this scripture.

To teach how to write this method, for a teacher it is best to choose sentences that make the long sentences use to practice writing seriously. The length of teaching time that should be used is much longer for training activities to be present in the writing of well-written forms of long and complete sentences. The mastery of the writing method can be more directed and more structured when writing verses of the Qur’an in length and perfect.

The writing of continuing sentences into long sentences needs to continue to be trained in their mastery and even need to be continuously from week to week so that from month to month, even if necessary from year to year by continuous practice in writing complete scripture or continuously in both short and long sentences. The complete sentence using the nasakh written script is beautiful and beautiful with its very symmetrical letters between one and the other.

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