The Importance of Calligraphy Art Study Materials Developed in Islamic Schools

kaligrafi naskah islam

Successor Generation of Art of Calligraphy Writing

It is very important to preserve one of the most valuable sciences and arts in the development of the Islamic world. The very basic thing is that calligraphy (Khat) is one of the science lessons that have been taught in Islamic based schools, especially Islamic boarding schools. In addition to teaching beautiful writing rules also train students from an early age to be able to write Arabic letters properly and correctly, so as not to cause reading, meaning and misinterpretation.

Calligraphy lessons are expected to contribute positively to Arabic lessons. Increasing the skill and love of the young generation of the nation’s successors towards moral and moral development. Achieving and virtuous. Deeper in science, especially in terms of the skill of writing student calligraphy.

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Therefore there needs to be an improvement in development programs related to the importance of learning calligraphy arts in training the proficiency of writing Arabic in Islamic school lessons. This education aims to equip student competencies and become a provision of knowledge that is very useful for the future.

kaligrafi naskah islam

Need to know how obstacles in the learning process and how important calligraphy learning in student education. Provide understanding in relation to Arabic lessons as a whole to the basis of the art of writing Arabic calligraphy.

Learning by involving analysis of data about students’ interest in the art of calligraphy, is done by giving the practice of programmatic writing training. It is very important to involve calligraphy art teachers who are experts in learning, as well as Arabic language teachers.

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Can happen The calligraphy learning process is not going well because many students still find it difficult to understand the material provided. But hopefully it does not dampen the intention and enthusiasm to continue to advance and preserve the art of Islamic calligraphy writing. Keep going and stay excited.