About MIM Art

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Get to know Mim Artwork

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MIM Art is a company engaged in art work. The work carried out covers several fields of art. Starting from painting, calligraphy, mural arts, sculpture, etc. Has decades of experience with many works and projects. Supported by a number of highly skilled craftsmen and artists and painters with very detailed and neat work.

We have been engaged in the work of Islamic Calligraphy for Mosques and Musholah since 1995. The artist of our calligraphy painter, Mr. Mukhlas, has won several times the National Calligraphy Competition, especially the Calligraphy Competition at MTQ. Can also work on mosque calligraphy and relief in the form of teak wood carvings and cement reliefs. Also perfect the dome with various typical Islamic and general motifs such as cloud paintings.

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Likewise in the Mural field. We are assisted by a team ready to cooperate in realizing your imagination in the form of beautiful mural paintings. Among the several mural artists in our Team are Mr. Jufri who has decades of experience working on mural painting in several cities in Indonesia. There is also Mr Syihab with his skills at creating fascinating paintings.

In the field of Sculpture Art. It was Bang Rahmat who was very senior and respected his expertise and skills in the field of sculpture. Have traveled all over Indonesia and even Asia such as Malaysia and Brunei in working on sculpting projects, both private, private and government projects.

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We are ready to cooperate with you in realizing every idea and dream in a proud, real art work. And can be enjoyed by many people for the exclusive beauty and perfection of art.