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Calligraphy Khat Riq’ah

This type of Khat if you look at it at a glance it doesn’t look that much different from the Khat Naskhi, but if you look closely, you will see a thicker difference. The form of the writing is also smaller and tilted rather than naskhi, and if we look directly at the writing book, it will appear that Riq’ah’s khat is written above the writing line. This khat riq’ah calligraphy is usually used by scholars and teachers in their writing style, writing that is fast and easy is the reason for them to use it. Actually it is quite easy in writing, but if you are not used to it, you will find it difficult to use the calligraphy of this riq’ah.

Khat Riq’ah is a type of khat designed by Turks in Ottoman rule (850H). The purpose of this khat was made to standardize writing in all official affairs among employees. According to the Riqa’ah Language Dictionary means a piece of paper written. He developed from khat nasakh and Thuluth, but its development in a slightly different form from the two, this is easier. Usually written in a small size. The form of the alif is short and not head (Tarwisah) like Thuluth.

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Khat riq’ah is one of the khat that is so favored by the author of Khat when the era of Othmaniah and through many improvements by Shaikh Hamdullah al-Amas i. Then after that there were a number of changes by other writers until he became popular, popular and most widely used. On this day, riq’ah is a handwriting choice by the Arabs

The features of this paper are the shape of the letters are small, faster and easier to write, when compared with the Khat Nasakh. The use of khat in our society focuses on writing notes and writing. Several steps have been taken to make this lesson learnable by school students and can be used in daily affairs such as correspondence, business affairs, advertising and promotion of goods and made major titles in the paper.

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contoh khat riq'ah

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