Khat Diwani Jali

contoh kaligrafi diwani jali

Calligraphy Khat Diwani Jali

Calligraphy khat diwani jali is actually a development of khat diwani. But the writing is more varied and usually forms a flat build like a circle and the like.

Khat was created by Khattat Shahla Basya during the reign of the ‘Utmaniyyah Kingdom. This is considered to be a continuation rather than ordinary Diwani khat. Khat is called Jali which means clearly because there are obvious abnormalities in terms of the form of writing. The purpose of its use is for the writings of the clerics and letters to foreign kingdoms.

The shape of the letters fills in empty space so that it forms one creation in the form of beautifully arranged geometry. Instead of this type of khat, various forms of work were created by skilled writers.

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Khat Diwani Jali is divided into 3 types, namely Diwani Jali Mahbuk, Diwani Jali Hamayuni, and Diwani Jali Zauraq (Boat form).

1. Khat Diwani Jali Mahbuk
Khat Diwani Jali Mahbuk is written by arranging letters and decorations regularly and can give birth to beautiful writing.

2. Khat Diwani Jali Hamayuni
Khat Diwani Jali Hamayuni is also usually written by Turkish khat writers who are assigned to write the Sultan’s decree.

3. Khat Diwani Jali Zauraq
Khat Diwani Jali Zauraq is a type of khat that is influenced by painting. Most writers say this produces khat by writing verses to form a boat or a ship. Khat Diwani Jali Zauraq is said to be rather challenging and difficult to write, it requires patience and high creativity in producing a work.

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In conclusion, this Diwani Jali khat can be seen in his art form of writing, beautiful arrangement of letters and harmony of the sentences that are so perfectly perfected.

contoh kaligrafi diwani jali

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