Khat Diwani

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Get to know Khat Diwani Calligraphy

Calligraphy khat diwani is one of the things that are of interest to artists because it has the characteristics of a unique writing style. But because of the difficulty in reading and writing, this makes the khat sometimes rarely used. In writing, khat diwani is written in a perpendicular manner and the way of writing is like khat riq’ah.

Khat Diwani is one of the types of khat created by the author of Khat during the reign of the Kingdom of ‘Uthmaniyah. Ibrahim Munif was the person who created the method and determined the size of the writing of Diwani. Khat Diwani was officially recognized after the country of Costantinopal was held captive by Sultan ‘Uthmaniyah, Muhammad al-Fatih in 857 Hijrah.

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Khat Diwani is used as an official writing in royal offices. Furthermore, this paper began to develop to all levels of society. The habit of writing khat Diwani is used to write all circumcisions around the court, royal decisions and official correspondence and at the present time it is used to write watikah, sijil and for decoration.

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Khat Diwani shared with the two types, Diwani Biasa and Diwani Mutarabit (listed). However, khat Diwani is commonly used and practiced by famous khat writers compared to Diwani Mutarabit’s khat. The form principle for these two types of Diwani khat is round and curved. It is written in a soft and easy-to-form way that follows the author’s will.

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The specialty of khat Diwani can be seen in the art of curved letters and requires the skill of the writer to write it softly and keep the law. Hashim Muhammad al-Baghdadi and Syed Ibrahim were among the famous khat writers with khat Diwani.

contoh cara menulis khat diwani

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