Mosque Wall and Dome Calligraphy Services, Interior and Exterior Decorations

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Working on Mosque Calligraphy with Detail and Neat

MIM Artwork accepts calligraphy making services and interior and exterior decoration of mosques, starting from the Wall, Mihrab, to the Dome and the tower. The level of work that is detailed and full of accuracy is very important we apply in the art of calligraphy that our team made. Every calligraphy work that relies on manual painting skills for project work and is assisted with making designs using computer techniques.

Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully with a pen as decoration, writing with all the abilities that have been trained and studied for years by experts. This calligraphy art is written from the Quran or hadith. Calligraphy with ornaments and ornaments with color provides a level of detail of complexity and beauty.

With high skill factors, achievements and experience, our team is able to provide a unique color and distinctiveness in each mosque. The design of the mosque’s wall and dome calligraphy can provide beautiful nuances in the mosque.

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Beginning Process to End Work on Mosque Calligraphy Project

To start a collaboration in the mosque calligraphy and decoration services project, it will begin with a proposal for an agreement between the two parties. Then proceed with talks and price agreements. Then the project design and operational process begins.

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The process begins with a site survey to see the architectural design of the mosque and then design the design and determine the design concept in accordance with the mutual agreement. After the design plan has been approved and agreed upon, the amount of funding and process of payment for the project can be determined. Then proceed to the implementation of project work until completion and the final process of the work agreement is complete.

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Mosque Decoration Design Concept

Each design of calligraphy design refers to several provisions. Provisions of ethical foundation which implies that ethics in Islamic art must always be guided by the Koran and Al-Hadist. Provisions of a philosophical foundation which implies that the philosophy of Islamic art symbolizes the depth of the meaning of the Koran which is the foundation of the life of the world and the hereafter. And aesthetic foundation provisions, which implies that Islam is always synonymous with beauty in accordance with the word of Allah SWT.

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Pure Art Manually Done by Expert and Assisted by Computer Design

At the stage of working on the project itself it is manual, both painting and wood carving. The manual system work aims to prioritize accuracy and neatness so that it can produce quality work. But for the concept and design it is helped by using computer design. Accuracy is needed so that when done in the field there is no mistake.

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Magnificent Exclusive Design

MIM Artwork’s calligraphy works have its own characteristics with elegant and not contrasting design colors and adjust to the basic color of the mosque itself, so that the overall appearance of the architecture will blend perfectly and look harmonious and majestic. And of course the results of calligraphy work between one project and another will not be the same, because each design must be made specifically different from each mosque.

Contact us, the dinomer, contact this website to consult and cooperate in the mosque construction project.

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