Calligraphy Services

MIM Artwork and Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy is one of the works of Islamic art that has become a medium of propaganda in the development of Islam. Artwork created by Muslim scholars in the early days of Islamic development. Embodied in the results of real work by highly dedicated artists in increasing people’s love for Islam.

MIM Artwork specializes in the art of Islamic calligraphy. Work on calligraphy projects from mosques throughout Indonesia. There have been many projects that we have worked on, with complete designs ranging from mihrab, mosque walls, mosque domes, etc. Using painting techniques, wood carving techniques and so on. With the support of experience and teams that are competent in their fields, MIM Artwork has undoubtedly the quality of its artwork.

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Work on Calligraphy Services

The mosque’s calligraphy work can include making calligraphy decorations for mosque walls, mosque domes, mosque minarets, mosque mosques, calligraphy paintings complete with ornaments. Can also be beautified by making beautiful teak wood calligraphy. Of course, there have been years of experience with many of the projects we have worked on starting from the ornamentation of the mosque’s ornamentation walls, the making of ornamentation of mosque domes in various regions.

If you need a mosque calligraphy service, then we are experts in calligraphy services for mosques, prayer rooms, offices, homes, etc. by designing professionally using various ornaments and writing computers. The workmanship uses the best acrylic emultion paint and can be reinforced with a coating so that the color remains long lasting.

The technique of direct painting work, by sketching manually with a planned design with computer engineering. And done directly by experts who have been working in the field of calligraphy work for the mosque for years. The writing contained in his calligraphy can quote from the Qur’an and Al-Hadith. The type of writing style can also be applied in a variety of 7 types of writing which are very often used, namely khat tsuluts, naskhi, farisi, diwani, diwani jali, riq’ah and khufi.

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Experience and Trust

Increasing enthusiasm and love of Muslims in appreciating Islamic Calligraphy Art, Many mosques that have just been built and renovated in collaboration with our team embody the splendor of Islamic art in mosque buildings. Great Muslim appreciation for Islamic art.

Our team is trained by upholding a sense of responsibility and maintaining the quality of work. So that God willing, we always give the best to every job. Then trust is number one. Ready to receive services of all kinds of needs of Calligraphy writing, decoration and painting of mosques complete with ornaments of wood carving calligraphy if desired.

We express our gratitude for the trust given by all mosque customers to us. Hopefully we can cooperate in realizing the ideals of building a beautiful mosque for Muslims.

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