The Nature Of Islamic Calligraphy

A more basic description of how the characteristics of SKI (Islamic Calligraphy Art) grow and develop in the Malay Realm, is like the following where SKI can be an expression of beauty in Islamic art through the paintings and writings expressed by a calligrapher.

The beauty of this writing is also born from the honesty of art, while something artful can only be born through the patience and perseverance of the calligraphers or artists. SKI can be a sign of the admiration of a calligrapher or artist to their Creator. Through this art, usually a calligrapher or artist can draw a servant closer to Allah SWT.

In principle SKI can give rise to good relations between calligraphers and artists and their creators, and may even connect intimacy between human beings and their environment. Usually calligraphers and Muslim artists always maintain the relationship reflected in their daily worship. In addition SKI can also create good relations between aqeedah, sharia and morals.

So this method is to revive the culture of faith by instilling in the hearts of the heart the trust in Allah SWT well, and wisely in carrying out all orders and willing to abandon all his prohibitions (Sidi Gazalba, 1977: 12). Usually these calligraphers and artists look more sensitive and always guard their eastern customs through their works by not painting many animate creatures.

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SKI can make everything bad become good through the creativity of works that have been created by calligraphers and Muslim artists in the Malay world. While the beauty of SKI is actually based on its own unique characteristics that have a different form from the writing of other nations, because it uses Jawi letters and hijaiyyah letters.

The habits of these Jawi letters are the many patterns of writing in writing calligraphy. There are times when SKI is very closely related to the art of painting calligraphy or other art in the Malay world because it is a work that is often found to be the decoration of the main buildings of Islam in almost all corners of the archipelago.

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It should also be noted, that SKI consists of various beautifully intertwined forms and patterns including the writing of verses of the Koran, al-Hadith, and Words of wisdom expressed by Muslim calligraphers through unique works that can anchor hearts and feelings art lover soul.

Such are some important points of the characteristics of Islamic Calligraphy Art which are inherent and spread their use in the Malay Realm, although there are still many other traits that may be exposed as an illustration of art that can affect the traditional and cultural life of Muslims in Malaysia and in the Archipelago.