Let’s follow the steps to learn how to write the following calligraphy to become a calligraphy expert

Trick art Kaligraphy is a great way for beginners, as well as those of you who are deep in the profession in the field of calligraphy writing. As for what I will tell you, an easy way to assemble and beautify Arabic writing as calligraphy.

Making writing beautiful isn’t easy, but you don’t need to worry, because what I’m going to say here is an ancient style trick that must be applied and learned for beginners. Even the skilled calligraphy workers who are usually needed in making calligraphy for mosques. You only need the willingness and perseverance to learn to understand the TRIGGY ARTICLES TRICK. Because without will and perseverance it is in vain.

Kaligrafi bagus

Well, we went on to get the CALCRAFIT TRICK ART and I will peel thoroughly the way, style, trick, which is more awesome. So you will become a reliable calligraphy creator capable of innovating.

First: taufiyah (right, accurate), that is, each letter must get a swipe in accordance with its part, from curves, honesty and bending.
Second: itmam (complete), that is, each letter must be given the full size of the length, and the thickness of the letters.
Third: ikmal (perfect), that is, each stroke of the line must be in accordance with the beauty of a reasonable shape in an upright, supine, twisted and curved style.
Fourth: Ishba ‘(solid) ie every stroke of the line must get the right touch from the eye of the pen so that a harmony is formed. Thus there will be no inequality, where one part looks too thin or too thick from the other part. Except for the area of ​​touch that requires it.
Fifth: irsal (fluent) which is to scratch the pen quickly right, not tripping or holding back so that it is troublesome. Do not get in the middle to make a hand shake that will damage the writing that is being inscribed.

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More than just strict, expert thinkers namely ibnu Muqlah as stated above, ibn Muqlah, namely a calligraphy expert formulating several criteria for judging a writing is considered correct. And still make rules for a good layout (Husnul Wadhi’i) who wants to repair four things:

First: Tarshif (regular meeting), which is precisely the connection of one letter to another letter.
Second: Ta’lif (composed), which is to collect each letter separately (singular) with others in a fair but beautiful form.
Third: Tasthir (aligned, correct), which is connecting a word with another, so that it forms a line that is aligned its location like a ruler (ruler).
Fourth: Tanshil (meaning: like a sword or javelin (so beautiful) that is putting beautiful sweeping longitudinal strokes on connecting letters.

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As is beginning to appear now, calligraphy artists with various character designs dominate various media. This is an exciting development. The desire to advance along the field of calligraphy by holding calligraphy training courses. And it’s not wrong for this surprise to continue to be hoisted up to the next generation, in order to score a capable calligraphy successor.

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