Definition of Islamic Calligraphy Art

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Main Art Calligraphy in Islam

The meaning of the art of Islamic calligraphy or also called seni khat is the art of writing Arabic writing with a distinctive or unique style to produce beautiful writing. Another meaning of this art is “the art of writing beautifully with a pen” (Big Indonesian dictionary, 1988: 380). And also called Fann al-khat in the sense of the art of refining writing or correcting graffiti (Ilham Khoiri, 1999: 50).

According to the term (terminology) that the term al-khatt الخط there are several rather different meanings between calligraphers, this depends on the angle of observation of each. calligraphy art is interpreted by Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Shaybani (Aiman ​​Abdul Salam, 2002: 9), saying that:
العربي الفكر وسالحه وأنس االخوان عند الخدان اليد وبهجة الضمير وسفير
الفرقة ومحادثتهم على بعد المسافة و مستودع الشر وديوان األمور.

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That is: Khat is the tongue of the hand, the feeling of beauty, the mover of reason, the counsel of the mind, the weapon of knowledge, the glue of brotherhood when fighting and the intermediary when far apart, the deterrent of all evil and the treasure of various problems of life.

Calligrapher Yaqut al-Musta’simi (698 H / 1298 AD), has laid down the terms of the meaning of the art of calligraphy, that: “a writing will be called beautiful if the work exudes the influence of its beauty on the heart, soul and mind, such as the influence of da’wah reflected from painting beautiful calligraphy. “In addition to this popular expression, he also stated with the expression:
الخط هند سة روحانية ظهرت بآلة جسمانية

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That is: Khat is the art of spiritual architects born through material tools (Naji Zaynudin (t.t): 225). All of these views are a combination of meanings that want to state that how calligraphy art becomes an artistic creativity and skill that needs to use writing equipment to produce works that can give birth to the height of the cultural treasures of society. In the Islamic world, Islamic Calligraphy Art is always said to be “the art of Islamic art” (the Islamic art). A meaningful assessment of the overall value of his art.