Cak Mukhlas Down the Mountain (back to the world of writing calligraphy art)

jasa penulis kaligrafi masjid

Return To The World Of Calligraphy Art

After several years (1995-2000) working in the world of calligraphy, Cak Mukhlas gained many experiences. From starting from calligraphy competitions to sub-district level to national level, or calligraphy projects in various places and work media.

In 1995, Calligraphy competition at MTQ at Ciputat District level
In 1995, Calligraphy competition at MTQ at Tangerang Regency level
In 1995, Calligraphy competition at the Tangerang City MTQ level
In 1996, the Calligraphy competition at MTQ at the provincial level in West Java
In 1997, the calligraphy contest at the national level MTQ in Jambi
In 1997, Work on Calligraphy of the Al Mahdiyyin Mosque, Nagrek, Bandung
In 1999, the work of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque Calligraphy, Gorontalo
In 1999, Work on Calligraphy at Al Azhar Great Mosque, Bumi Serpong Damai, South Tangerang
In 1999, he made calligraphy souvenirs on pure gold, in collaboration with ICMI (Women’s Empowerment Sector) and Korean businessmen
and various other calligraphy experiences
In early 2001, after marriage, Cak Mukhlas moved to East Java and lived in Jember. the distance from Jakarta and the lack of sophisticated communication like now make the frequency of activities in calligraphy decrease. Until 2003, he was offered to work as a graphic designer in book publishing in Jogjakarta. Followed by working at PT. Temprina Media Grafika (Jawa Pos Group) began at the end of 2004. Practically, because of its busy schedule, the activities of the calligraphy could no longer be done. Only when the calligraphy longing has peaked and the hands have been itching to write the letters he took a time to scratch one or two letters. In the desk drawer, there are always kalam (pens from Paku Handam, ferns) and ink.

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Until 2009, a friend who had once studied calligraphy at Cak Mukhlas (Mas’ud) received an order for a calligraphy project. Mas’ud, who had no experience working on calligraphy on the dome, asked Cak Mukhlas to help him. This is the beginning of the resurgence of passion for calligraphy. After successfully working on the dome, continue to work on the mihrab (place of the priest). The mosque fully surrendered to Cak Mukhlas, what would the mihrab be like. Like a fire doused with oil, a more turbulent passion is welcomed by the challenge of making a monumental work. Inspired by the Al Hambra mosque, while around the mosque there is a lot of production of making tile from clay, then try to make a ceramic relief. But because of the complexity of the process, the plan failed. Finally made carvings on teak wood.

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